Looking to do a remodel or transform an existing space to vanilla box; then interior demolition is needed and Elite Construction Services expertise will provide all the necessary services.

Selective demolition is gaining popularity in today's eco-conscious world. Rather than destroying an entire building this method involves removing specific sections while retaining the structure. It's a great choice for building remodels, upgrades and additions, where recycling and reusing are desired to lessen the demolitions environmental impact.

Like any kind of demolition, this method involves a thorough survey of the buildings structure, removal of any hazardous materials and determining potential recyclable materials.

These are the steps of a selective demolition process:

  • Prepare the site: Mechanics, electricians and plumbers cut off power, shut down HVAC systems and cap open piping. Crew members also install temporary lighting as necessary.
  • Strip away non-structural components: Labor forces remove all architectural, mechanical and electrical elements of the area; leaving a shell.
  • Remove materials: Crews remove all materials and sort for recycling prior to disposal.

Let Elite Construction Services provide your company with a detailed site visit, survey and estimate to complete your interior demolition. Once your interior demolition is complete have Elite Construction Services complete your fit out, remodel or vanilla box construction.

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